Fruit Picking in Australia

If you don’t mind working hard, then fruit picking in Australia is an easy way to make good money. Finding employment isn’t that hard either, considering there is always farmers wanting seasonal workers all across Australia. What’s best, you can choose to stay and pick for a couple of days, weeks or months, depending on how much work the farmers has for you.

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It often can be quite a physical and tiring job, however the freedom and flexibility that comes with the fruit picking is a massive positive. It is a great way to line your pockets and save up for the rest of your travels. Australia is a relatively expensive country, so it is common for working holiday makers who have blown all of their savings to fruit pick for a month or two to save for the rest of their travels. Another reason many working holiday makers fruit pick is to extend their visa by a year. Working for three months fruit picking is virtually the only way to extend your one year Australian working holiday visa into two years. Fruit picking is also another great way to meet fellow travelers, and find out where the best destinations in Aus are located.

Who can work pick fruit

Anyone able bodied person with a valid working holiday visa (and in many cases tourist visa) can be a fruit picker. No prior experience is needed and farmers will often hire and work you on the same day.

What type of work you do

Quite literally picking and packing fruit and vegetables. Depending on what region in Australia and what time of the year it is, depends on what what types of fruit you will be able to pick.

How to find work

Finding work is relatively easy, however very rarely is it organized until you arrive in the destination. It is best to find out where fruits and vegetables are grown across Australia. Here is a great resource for doing that…. Once you have arriving in Australia you can also call the National Harvest Information Service on 1800 062 332 to find out a location that needs harvesters. The Australian Government has also recently created a website for job searches called The Harvest Trail. This is a great resource to find out what fruit is grown where and when. Local packpackers are also a great resource as they know usually know which farmers are looking for work, and in many cases can organize employment for you. Notice boards in towns and at backpackers is another great way to find who is hiring.


Some fruit pickers are paid hourly, or per day, whilst others are paid per how much they pack (eg per bin, bucket etc). Obviously the more rural areas you travel to, usually the better the pay. If you are being paid by the hour, pickers should expect to earn between $12 – $20 per hour, depending on what you are picking. If you are new to picking, your first few days are going to be hard, and if you are paid per quantity, you probably won’t make very much. However stick at it and you will become more practiced. The longer you stay at a farm, the easier and better paid work you get. You might start of by picking onions out of the ground for low pay on your first day, and after a couple of weeks have graduated to picking avocados out of trees. A higher paying, and less arduous task. Overall you can expect to take home between $100 – $250 per day for a full days work.


Fruit picking is seasonal, with different fruits becoming ready for harvest at different times of the year, and you can find employment all year around.


Every state in Australia has farmers in rural areas wanting workers to pick, pack, or cut some sort of fruit or vegetable. Different fruits are seasonal however, so be sure to go to be check what is in season and where it is grown. This ……… is a good place to have a look for what’s in season now.

Hot tips

  • On the East coast of Australia there is almost an oversupply or seasonal workers. If you are chasing more money head down to Tasmania, or across to Western Australia
  • is another great resource for information
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