Working Holiday Canada for Australians

Along with the UK, A working holiday Canada is one of the most popular working holiday visas for Australians to obtain.  And what’s not to like about it: the visa is easy to obtain, it’s cheap and there are no language barriers to overcome. If it wasn’t for the amazing snow conditions, one could be excused for thinking they were in Australia, with the number of young Australians who work at the ski resorts around Canada.

Working Holiday Canada


  • Be aged between 18 – 30 years old at the time of application is received. Your application must be stamped as received by the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney on or after your 18th birthday, or before your 31st birthday.
  • Have no children
  • Have health insurance covering all risk of sickness, maternity, disability and repatriation for the duration of your stay
  • Have a proof of funds of at least $2500 Canadian dollars in the form of a signed and stamped bank statement
  • Have a return ticket to Australia
  • Have No criminal convictions in the last five years (including drink driving, and driving without a license). You will need to send in a federal police check so if you have any criminal convictions, they will probably come up on this.
  • Have a valid Australia passport. This passport must be valid for at least one day beyond your intended leaving date from Canada.


Once you have been granted a 2 year Canadian working holiday visa, you can reply for a second visa. However re-applications must be made no earlier than 12 weeks prior to the current working holiday visa expires. The Canadian consulate will reject your visa if the application is received prior than 12 weeks before the current visa.

Visa Fees

The current participation fee is: A$150 made payable to the Consulate General of Canada in the form of:

  • An Australia Post money order OR
  •  A bank cheque (can be issued for a fee by a bank where you have an account. – must be signed by an authorised employee of the bank. A cheque signed by yourself or your parent is NOT acceptable.) OR
  • If you are applying from outside Australia and cannot request someone in Australia to purchase an Australia Post money order or bank cheque and submit your application on your behalf, you may obtain an international bank draft for A$150. Note that the currency must be in Australian $ and the international bank draft must include the name of the Australian drawee bank (this normally appears in the lower left portion of the international bank draft).

NO other forms of payment are acceptable.

Proof of Funds

$2500 Canadian dollars




Up to 24 months once entering the country.

How to apply

The Canadian working holiday visa is probably the easiest of any working holiday visa to apply to. You do not need to attend a Consulate interview or anything like that. However if you have any sort of criminal convictions in the last 10 years, than you probably won’t be eligible for a visa. If you do have a conviction of sometime, you should give the Canadian Consulate a call to check your eligibility.

Step 1

Apply at any police station for an Australian Federal Police Name Check. This can take up to 6 weeks to get posted back to you and costs roughly $50. You cannot send away your documents without it, so apply for this at least 6 weeks before you send your documents away. It is probably a good idea to take a few photocopies of this as you will need to show these document at immigration when entering Canada, and possibly to your Canadian employers as well.

Step 2

Participants from WA, VIC and QLD must also obtain a traffic history report. This can be obtained from the traffic authority in each state.

Step 3

Complete the online application available at . When completing the online application you will not need to fill out the section that asks you if you have a job organized as you will be traveling on an open visa. Once this visa is complete, click the Validate button and pint the 5 pages off. Please remember to sign on the 5th page.

Print the application out once it has been completed.

Step 4

Complete the International Experience Canada Application and Declaration online. To complete this application you will need to enter your email address at . You will then be emailed out a link to complete the online application.

Once you have completed the online application you will be sent out an email with the completed application form. Print out these two pages and sign.

Step 5

Be sure to check that all of your documents have been signed and then send all of your original and completed documents away to:

International Experience Canada
Consulate General of Canada
Level 5, 111 Harrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Be sure to include:

  • $150 visa fee in the form of a bank cheque or Australia Post money order made payable to the Consulate General of Canada.
  • International Experience Canada (IEC form) with two passport photos attached (2pages)
  • A photocopy of your passport photo page (the page which shows your  birthdate and passport number) DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL PASSPORT AWAY
  • Federal Police check
  • Traffic history report (WA,QLD,VIC) participants only(CIC
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (5 pages)

Incomplete, unsigned and non-compliant application packages will be returned to the applicants unprocessed.

Step 6

If successful, your letter of introduction will be sent out to you electronically roughly 5 – 6 weeks after lodgment. Be sure to check both junk box, especially if using a Hotmail account. Once you receive this, it is a good idea to take print out and take several copies of this LOI with you, as you will need to present this to immigration when entering Canada.

Step 7

Purchase fully comprehensive health insurance for the length of your intended stay in Canada. You will need to show proof of this insurance upon your arrival to Canada.

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